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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Uncut Penis Erectus Pictures

"Yes," I said. "That was the best experience I've ever had."

Randy put his hand on her belly then gave it a kiss. She wasn't skinny but she certainly wasn't fat either. Over the last few months, Randy had been with many full figured women and he actually started to prefer them. He liked feeling their soft curves instead of the tight muscles of the skinny women he used to date.

"Well what do you think Kaden?" Val let the silence sink in and said, "I just made out with you some!"

Subject: Apology

We have since broken up and I have begun to explore the possibilities of ejaculating by myself....unless of course you'd like to read about it with me....

He continues to gently massage her sex, quietly repeating her name and kissing her neck, until her contractions subside and she collapses against him. By now Jeff's cock is granite, his desire burning, his need to be inside her undeniable. He pulls her closer, clasps both arms around her waist, bends his knees slightly, at the same time bending her backward into the wall. Her arms come up to encircle his neck. He kisses her deeply, his rod-stiff member aching to plunge into her. But no, Jeff wants to savor every intense moment. He slowly, deliberately, enters her.

I awoke just before lunchtime on the Monday and rang the hospital; they told me mother was as good as can be expected and that most of my family was there.

As their emotions merged, Emma saw Elle's eyes close. Her face lost its anger lines. Suddenly Elle's eyes opened. "Emma can't you think of anything else? I haven't even done it yet, and I'm exhausted. Why are you calling me at this hour of the night?"

Innocent, inexperienced little Jennifer was thrilled.

When she had almost came once more and had her breasts slapped around by a mean looking fella in the back row, she was called back into the room in front she had came out of.

"On my knees" she cried out "I want you to fuck me from behind, my ass and pussy open and exposed"

"I'm sorry Mistress of Pain and Pleasure, what have I forgotten?"

“What do you mean?”

"I'm up for it if you're sure?" George answered.

I looked over at Jeanne and was wondering why she had not ridden the “pole.” She was sitting in a large lazy-boy with the legs on each arm of the chair stroking this large “RED” dildo in and out of that succulent, juicy love tunnel of hers. I smiled and licked my lips as she looked over at me. A smile came over her face and I knew she was ready to cum all over that dildo. She held the dildo tight in one hand with the other foundling her left breast and nipple. She let out a moan and with one even motion laid the chair back and plunged that dildo deep into her pussy. With that sight in front of me I notice I was stroking my cock for all it could take. Bertha and Chris were kissing and playing with each other while we all watched Jeanne explode. Mary slides over next to me and took over the stroking of my cock as I tickled her pussy one last time before she had to leave. She had me cumming in a very short time and let it cum all over her breasts and face. She leaned over and kissed the head of my cock and left for the shower.

"Yes Sir?" She queried.

"Ok," Charlie said, although she wanted to share what he had in his pants, not his backpack.

"I am afraid Beloved." 'Lyssa said to David. "I cannot protect you, and I fear that you cannot protect yourself or any of the rest of us either."



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